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Get 50% Off

Wash/Cut/Style) on your FIRST visit to our salon. And regular customers get the same deal when they send us a new customer. Everyone wins.

Monday - Tuesday 9 - 5 pm
Thursday - Friday 9 - 6 pm
Saturday - 8 - 4pm
Wednesday & Sundays - Closed

No appointments Needed


Shandy Finnegan

Amazing place! Very friendly service, great conversations with the stylist, and he did an amazing job on my hair. He paid attention to detail and gave me what I wanted and more. Will definitely be returning to his salon from now on. Great prices too!

Rogan Mei

I had a great experience here. Really nice guy, we had a good conversation and he did a great job at an affordable price.. Not much more you can hope for. Highly recommended!

Andrew Tompkins

On top of great conversation and a welcoming environment, I had to say very little in regard to the look I was going for. Walter is a skilled professional as well as very kind. I left with one of the best hair cuts I've had in years, this salon is truly a gem!


If you're a first time customer you are entitled to 50% off on your first visit to our salon on a Wash/Cut/Style only. If you're a regular customer and send or bring a family member or friend who is a first time customer you both receive 50% off on a Wash/Cut/Style only.


  • First Visit 1/2 Price: $17.50
  • Regular Price: Cut and Style: $35. Tax Inc.
  • Child 10 and Under: $ 25 (First Time $12.50)
  • Wash: $6 extra
  • Beard: $10 with haircut, $15 without haircut.


  • First Visit 1/2 Price: Short $27./ Long $30.
  • Short Cut & Style: $ 54. Tax Inc.
  • Long Cut & Style: $60. Tax Inc.
  • Child 10 and Under: $30 (First Time $ 15 )
  • Wash and Style: $40+
  • Wash: $6 extra

  • Perms: $95 and up (including cut)
  • Spiral Perms: $135+


Johnny B Smooth Styling

Cream consistency, perfect for having medium hold , definition and texture.

$20 tax included

Johnny B - Mode Styling Gel

Provides a firm hold and lasting style.

$20 tax included

AG Plastique Extreme Volumizer

Works with both short and long hair and ideal for curl maintenance.

$30 tax included

ICE - Erratic Molding Clay

Perfect for those who want hold, texture and lots of style maintenance.

$20 tax included

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Monday - Tuesday 9-5 pm
Thursday - Friday 9-6pm
Saturday - 8-4pm
Wednesday & Sundays -Closed
Walk-ins are welcome

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